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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer vacation has a bittersweet end...

Alas, school starts Monday for my three little gals... No time to sew until Christmas break. I have enjoyed watching them as well as listening to them talk and laugh during our hours of sewing. Today we took 7 baby quilts, 10 bibs, 6 baby blankets and 160 diapers for donation to the Women's Care Center. The lady really made over their quilts and was impressed that they could sew and would spend their summer doing such a thing. Me too... I am impressed as well.  The Three Amigo's, two years of quilt making under their belts already.

I hope next summer they will wan't to carry on our tradition. But I know someday some handsome young men will slow their sewing time down... But I won't think about that today... bitterseet...

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