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Saturday, June 18, 2011

City "Primitive" Garden

Who has a prim garden in the city, this girl! I think I have stolen every prim garden idea I could find online! I am still looking for more and still have a few more things I would like to do to it yet. The chain link fence you see separates our yard from our neighbors. My garden sits right below one of my dining room windows and that is where I took the pictures from. I copied a bee skep house or I should say my Hubbs did for me that I saw on another blog. I have no rusted tin for the roof so right now its a faux rusty roof. I did my best making one of those cement bee skeps, I had a hard time with mine... I think I may have had the mix too wet. If I dare try to make another I will have the mortar mix a little more dry.

Planted in the vegetable garden are bush cucumbers, bell peppers, japeleno peppers, tomatoes, basil and sweet marjoram. Up and coming on the old arbor are the Kentucky Wonder pole beans.  In the flower bed is Cosmos, garden Sage, Pineapple sage, Zinnias, Sweet Annie, Cleome, Lavender, Holly Hocks, Zebra Grass, and a couple things I can't recall the names of! The tomato stakes are an idea I saw in a magazine a while back. I used the black plastic pots that the Lavender came in and painted some wood finials and fastened to the top and stuck them on the tops of the three wood stakes. I think they will look better when the wood weathers.

 My husband purchased the old tin tub for $2.50! I was thrilled with it to say the least! The old pump is still due a wood base and a paint job. I will post on that later. I have a couple of huge buggy wagon wheels that my husband found for me.  They will go against the chain link fence. All the plants are new, everything is new, this used to be where our pool was. So I hope they bush up, I still need to put two plants in yet. So more pictures will come later.  All the neighbors want to know what the heck a bee skep house is! lol Oh yes, the old wood barn star came from our March vacation in PA.  Garden Blessings everyone!


  1. Your garden looks inviting! One could sit and sip ice tea while taking note of all the plants. Your bee skep is cute. Very nicely done!

  2. What a beautiful garden. I also love looking at the Singer's on the side of your blog.