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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long Cool Woman In A White Bonnet....

I am in the process of looking at some bonnet patterns. I am trying to figure out which one I might be capable of making. I know that bonnet patterns can be tricky. I saw a photo of a line of bonnets in indigo blues (long bonnets) on an old board and I have just got to have one hanging in my hallway. We frequent lots of antique malls and somewhere along the line I bought this photo in PA. I plan on having a little shelf run the length of my board and I want to display some photos of ladies in bonnets.

You are very welcome to copy these photos, they are mine and like I said they came from an antique mall. If any of you all have a bonnet display I would love to see the photos of it or if you know of an easy pattern for a long bonnet and could point me in the right direction that would be great!

Spring Blessings! Gwen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hobo Quilts...

I just received this book and I gotta say it is sooooooooooooo interesting! However I will have to beat my husband down to get a very good look at it. He has been reading it since he got home from work yesterday and already has his favorite blocks picked out.

I know the reason he likes it. He grew up close to the tracks and there were still hobo's stopping by his Mother's kitchen now and again. She would always give them coffee and a sandwich, she said if you didn't they would mark your house. Looks like she was right.  She was a good story teller and I think my husband is really strolling down memory lane with this book, my book....

If any of you have made any of the blocks from this book or read this book would love to hear from you!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Attention: Ann Sweet & I just listed my Singer 31-15 on ebay

 ( I just listed this Singer 31-15 on ebay)

Happy Sunday everyone. Today in my email I had a note from a lady named Ann Sweet who had viewed my blog. I tried to respond to her email but it says there is a mailbox failure, not the right email. If she reads this please send me the an updated email and I will be glad to respond! Thanks

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hinterberg 17 inch stretch quilting frame, anybody have one?

If you have the Hinterberg 17 inch stretch quilting frame I invite you to blog about it here. I am planning on buying a frame and some have said they use it with their Juki 2000, is it what I want if down the road I wanted to do a few quilts for others on it? The nice thing about this particular frame is the affordable price as well.
Thanks in advance! Gwen

Its Just A Little Prim Quilt...

Mostly made from scraps its just a little prim quilt. I have not grunged it but thinking I might. I quilted in some stars on the outside border. Was a fast project, one more for the stairwell, now there are three.

I am getting a little better at not making so many points in my stippling, its easier with a small quilt though.
I wasn't sure my binding would match but I think it looks ok.
I love the way the little stars look on the backside.

  Well now I have to get busy and clean up my house for Friday my two Gals are coming to sew. We will be sewing a top together for Barb and making pillow shams for Marilyn, its gonna be a busy day but we are ending at 4 instead of 5. We are going to a fish fry at our parish. So probably won't post again until this weekend. Everyone have a safe and fun weekend and try to get a little sewing in!
Blessings! Gwen