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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

update on my husband...& watching the garden grow

My old chickens from Tennessee

Well they had us come in for a CT scan of his leg and hip where he fell from the tree. He has multiple fractures of the pelvic region.   We go back in Friday to find out further details.  Our insurance is being really rotten, won't pay for the hospital bed even though it was a doctor's order. Won't pay for the special walker he needs (he also has a broken arm)... what else...
The pump housing my Hubby made just before his accident. I painted in rusty so it would look good with fall decor.

Anyway I am staying busy, trying to take stock of the kitchen and see what I have and don't have. Trying not to worry about money (that's a laugh). I find that I am way more depressed that I thought I could be about all of this.  Our summer is pretty much a stay at home summer which I don't really mind. I have the best looking garden I have had in years but now I wonder if I should have planted more so I could can and freeze.  The pickles are loaded, I have never seen so many.  I could already pick Jalapeno peppers but my bell peppers look diseased. Not sure what their problem is, I am about ready to rip them out and plant a quick crop of green beans in their place.

Maybe I will actually sew since I won't be running to and fro. I don't have the grand babies (15 and 11) on Wednesdays and they are picked up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I will have a lot of time, maybe I can finish some projects that I already have the material for.  I am thinking about getting a baby monitor so I can here him when I am on the back porch. He is in a hospital bed in my living room, the bowling alley affect living room is now just perfect to hold the bed and all the other rigamarow that comes with being down on your back.

If you think about praying for us, please pray that my back holds out (I have to do a lot of lifting with him) and that he heals properly and does not get any blood clots or bedsores.  That I can used to them bringing communion to us here at the house (we are Catholic). That I can learn to accept help and ask for it if I need it.  That I don't get aggravated with him when he asks me for the millionth thing today. And finally that my old dog Blue does not have to be put down while all this other stuff is going on..
 I sure would appreciate it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

OMGoodness, my husband fell from a tree...

Friday started as a normal day as housework progressed to garden chores and then back again to making supper... Husband came home from work and headed to a sweet little widow lady's home to set out her trash and see how her grass was, said he would be home after he finished and in time for supper. I just stepped in the back door from the garden to pop in my cornbread. The phone rang and a very upset lady was saying I needed to come quick, he had fallen from a tree and was asking for me. I seemed to go blind for a moment but then came to and turned the stove off, called the son and he rushed us over to her home.  Husband was laying on the ground with a ladder under his head for a pillow and was as white as snow... We called an ambulance and were soon transported to the ER.  After laying on a back board for over two hours a Dr. finally checked on him and ordered ex rays and some pain medication.  Husband's arm is broke and quite a few pieces right above his wrist, both hips are severely sprained and he has a possible pelvic fracture. He can't stand on his own, turn in the bed or walk.  Of course they sent him home about 3 in the morning and son and I managed to struggle him into to the house. Our home was built in 1921 and there are steps to go up just to get in the house. And per usual there is no bathroom on the main floor or bedroom... Our couch is way to soft to sleep on with injuries but we struggle through until he goes to surgery the next morning. Surgery over and a good report was given on how well the arm went back together but husband is in enormous pain, even vicodin extra strength is like baby aspirins to him. We struggle another night  with him on the couch, then Sat. morning a hospital bed was ordered for him, last night was better but still a struggle with a potty chair and a cane and me doing the lifting and flipping around. 
I sat this morning and thought of all the things my husband does for us, mowing and fixing and lifting and moving. Guess who gets to do all that now, this girl that's who... I not only have to do it I have to remember to do it plus the million things he needs. My world changed so quickly.  Ladies hug your husbands and tell them how much they appreciated because things change... more later as the story continues...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

City "Primitive" Garden

Who has a prim garden in the city, this girl! I think I have stolen every prim garden idea I could find online! I am still looking for more and still have a few more things I would like to do to it yet. The chain link fence you see separates our yard from our neighbors. My garden sits right below one of my dining room windows and that is where I took the pictures from. I copied a bee skep house or I should say my Hubbs did for me that I saw on another blog. I have no rusted tin for the roof so right now its a faux rusty roof. I did my best making one of those cement bee skeps, I had a hard time with mine... I think I may have had the mix too wet. If I dare try to make another I will have the mortar mix a little more dry.

Planted in the vegetable garden are bush cucumbers, bell peppers, japeleno peppers, tomatoes, basil and sweet marjoram. Up and coming on the old arbor are the Kentucky Wonder pole beans.  In the flower bed is Cosmos, garden Sage, Pineapple sage, Zinnias, Sweet Annie, Cleome, Lavender, Holly Hocks, Zebra Grass, and a couple things I can't recall the names of! The tomato stakes are an idea I saw in a magazine a while back. I used the black plastic pots that the Lavender came in and painted some wood finials and fastened to the top and stuck them on the tops of the three wood stakes. I think they will look better when the wood weathers.

 My husband purchased the old tin tub for $2.50! I was thrilled with it to say the least! The old pump is still due a wood base and a paint job. I will post on that later. I have a couple of huge buggy wagon wheels that my husband found for me.  They will go against the chain link fence. All the plants are new, everything is new, this used to be where our pool was. So I hope they bush up, I still need to put two plants in yet. So more pictures will come later.  All the neighbors want to know what the heck a bee skep house is! lol Oh yes, the old wood barn star came from our March vacation in PA.  Garden Blessings everyone!