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Friday, February 4, 2011

How to use a vintage binder attachment. EASY

When I first starting collecting (and I say that lightly) vintage sewing machines most would come with a box of attachments. One of the attachments I mastered first was the binder. Now the binder is a really cool attachment if you love retro sewing. Think of all the aprons you have seen with binding... bind hot pads, neck lines, sleeves and a ton of other stuff... yep.... you will use your binder so here we go... CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO GET A LARGER IMAGE if you have trouble reading the instructions.

NOTE: You may have a multi slotted binder and the slots vary in size, match it to your binding, I usually use the top one for apron binding.
NOTE: When you insert your binding if there is a folded side that is longer than the other fold place it on the bottom so it sews to the backside of your fabric.
NOTE: I have found in a lot of the old attachment boxes this wonderful tool called a stilleto (not sure if I spelled it right) but it is something you want to keep if you find one. It is especially nice for using with your binder to work the binding down in the darn thing!  Most of the ones I have found have a bakelite handle, so hang on to them!

NOTE: Always check after sewing for awhile and make sure your sewing foot is still screwed on tight, the old machine's have a habbit of vibrating loose sometimes and if it gets to loose you might break your needle if it misses the hole!
 Step 8.. (lost my picture)  Just slide your fabric down in the slot and up under your needle where you want to start sewing, make sure its laying straight all all the way against the back wall of the slot and you are ready to go!
Disclaimer... ya know there is always someone who can do it better than you but keep in mind I am just sharing how I learned to do it. If there is a better way I don't know it. I didn't learn sewing sitting at Mother's side, I learned on my own and from reading and watching and giving it a shot. If it helps you... cool... if it don't sorry...:-/ I tired! lol


  1. Just what I was looking for. Thank you

  2. This is very helpful. I enjoy using attachments and this particular one has been the one I have had more trouble with and need most often.

  3. I am glad you found this useful! I know when I learned to use it, what a blessing! lol I had already sewn two plus size bib aprons by hand and it was nerve wrenching getting that binding on to look half way decent. Then I learned the binder, wow what a breeze! Youtube is a good way to learn how to do sewing things too. I find that the younger the gal demonstrating, the easier it is to grasp. They seem to break it down and explain things in more simple terms.

  4. Thank you for this, I bought a bag of feet, Because I wanted one particular one and there was one of the bias binding ones in it too, only of course I did not know what it was for. I am going to see if it will attach to my Janome, if not I have a treadle singer that I am sure it will work on.

  5. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan on it. I just didn't know how to use the darned thing! Thanks for the lesson. :)

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