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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things to do with stray VINTAGE QUILT BLOCKS..

We will be heading to PA soon and I hope to find more vintage quilt blocks... I have stacks of them and have just now started to do a few things with them. If I find enough I can work into a quilt I stick those back but the stray 2 or 3 or single ones I keep to make things out of. I love primitive handmade's but don't find a whole lot of time to make them but I do when I can.

Recently I made some old blocks into a few zippered pouches. My grand kids scarf them up as fast as I can make them to use as pencil and makeup bags.  I just wanted to show you all a couple. I quilted them first before sewing the bags together. These two were made to hold gift cards/scrip that I buy constantly from school.

These were made from old bow tie quilt blocks I found in Markle Indiana antique mall. 

I have a few on my design wall down in the basement sewing room as well, they are supposed to inspire me but so far I have not made one quilt from standing there looking at them... and I do stand there looking at them... lol
Sometimes at an auction or garage sale you run across old picture frames... well I have been using mine to frame quilt blocks, I think that is almost my favorite thing to do with the old blocks, maybe because its the easiest?

I would love to hear from you all about what you do with old stray quilt blocks, I need more ideas! really! let me know! :-}

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  1. Framing quilt blocks. What a cool idea! Uh oh, I'm in trouble now!