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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old is old again...

I love prim and grungy stuff. I don't like it when it gets too cutsie though. But I do enjoy the old stuff that really is made to look old.  I have had an old sawdust pincushion for a while that really looked kinda gross but I knew it just needed a new cover. And since they don't make the sawdust pincushions anymore I knew it was an item to be preserved.  So I used the embroidery machine we got in recently (was wanting to play with the machine anyway) and I made a new prim cover for the pincushion and stuck it full of black straight pins, which is one of my favorite things. Here it is and it smells like vanilla coffee which is a plus!

You can see how gross it looked before it got its new cover, in the picture on the left it looks at first to be made of straw but that's just the shavings they wrapped around the actual sawdust.  They were going green even back then, well probably they were way more greener than us!

And here is this finished product, ya can't have something really cool that you made unless a cat can get on it, am I right quilters?.....

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