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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making blocks for pillows and binding for quilts!

I have been a busy bee yesterday and today. I have been making quilt blocks for some new couch pillows. I plan on using them once the living room is painted. I made them ahead so I can put them on my Hinty and quilt them as I finish some charity quilts for a Military retreat at a local Mission. I would like to have eight so that means I have to make sixteen blocks.  I am going with blues and browns and will probably go with a warm tan on the walls. I have also been making a ton of binding for those charity quilts. I used to hate to make binding, it scared me to death but I think I have finally got it down.  I watched enough binding tut's I should have it down anyway! I love Pinterest for that and Utube as well. It's like having private lessons right in your sewing room.  Well have a great Easter holiday everyone! Blessings!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Large Tumbler quilt..

My friend Barb who has been learning to sew with me on Friday's made this cute tumbler quilt. I quilted it for her.

Veteran's US NAVY a little quilt...

THis is a quilt I made for a Veteran's retreat at a local mission. It's the first military quilt I ever made.

This is a little wall quilt I made for my hubby instead of getting him a card this year.

He actually liked it!