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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got FK Jadeite?.....

Way before Martha made Jadeite famous I was doing my part... I can remember buying dinner plates for a dollar a piece at a junk shop in Grabill Indiana.  I ate off of and drank out of Jadeite my whole life. I remember my Mother getting pieces of it in with her detergent. They called them Depression dishes, not like Depression glass but dishes that were readily available and cheap during the Depression years. Everybody had a piece or two of Fire King of some  kind during the 50's and ate their cereal out of the caveman decorated bowls of the 1960's.  About the only thing I don't have is the ball tilt pitcher, well actually I have a reproduction and I am sure it looks the same but I would have really liked to have had the real deal... but it is probably the most expensive piece out there....

My Jadeite collection is the only thing our Son has every said that he would like to have when I finally buy the farm... if you know what I mean ;-/ and I think that ya do.... lol  Anyway I asked him why the Jadeite? He said that he grew up eating on it and it made him feel good... So I guess..sniff sniff.. he gets the Jadeite.


  1. Amazing! This would be so pretty with a colorful tablecloth. Great collection.

  2. Thanks for the sweet note! I have been collecting them for a long, long, long time. I do use them occasionally but I have a set of FK that I use every day, the Flurette pattern with a white background. I like them because they are light weight. But the jadeite does really look pretty on a retro tablecloth for sure!