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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

update on my husband...& watching the garden grow

My old chickens from Tennessee

Well they had us come in for a CT scan of his leg and hip where he fell from the tree. He has multiple fractures of the pelvic region.   We go back in Friday to find out further details.  Our insurance is being really rotten, won't pay for the hospital bed even though it was a doctor's order. Won't pay for the special walker he needs (he also has a broken arm)... what else...
The pump housing my Hubby made just before his accident. I painted in rusty so it would look good with fall decor.

Anyway I am staying busy, trying to take stock of the kitchen and see what I have and don't have. Trying not to worry about money (that's a laugh). I find that I am way more depressed that I thought I could be about all of this.  Our summer is pretty much a stay at home summer which I don't really mind. I have the best looking garden I have had in years but now I wonder if I should have planted more so I could can and freeze.  The pickles are loaded, I have never seen so many.  I could already pick Jalapeno peppers but my bell peppers look diseased. Not sure what their problem is, I am about ready to rip them out and plant a quick crop of green beans in their place.

Maybe I will actually sew since I won't be running to and fro. I don't have the grand babies (15 and 11) on Wednesdays and they are picked up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I will have a lot of time, maybe I can finish some projects that I already have the material for.  I am thinking about getting a baby monitor so I can here him when I am on the back porch. He is in a hospital bed in my living room, the bowling alley affect living room is now just perfect to hold the bed and all the other rigamarow that comes with being down on your back.

If you think about praying for us, please pray that my back holds out (I have to do a lot of lifting with him) and that he heals properly and does not get any blood clots or bedsores.  That I can used to them bringing communion to us here at the house (we are Catholic). That I can learn to accept help and ask for it if I need it.  That I don't get aggravated with him when he asks me for the millionth thing today. And finally that my old dog Blue does not have to be put down while all this other stuff is going on..
 I sure would appreciate it.


  1. I am so very sorry for your hubands fall. It is so hard on the spouse people have no idea. Are your children close enough to help? You will be in my prayers for sure. and good luck to old blue.

  2. I've been praying and will continue to do so. Good luck.

  3. my thoughts are with you. hang in there and take it one day at a time. This is the prayer that I say for myself as I care for my husband: Dear God, give me the strength TODAY to do what I need to do and be who I need to be. That's all I'm asking--just for today.

    so far it's working!

  4. Oh Gwen....what a situation! Your poor hubby must be so terribly frustrated right now - and I can hear it in your 'words' that you are too....but I also hear a positive glint coming through. You are making this time a 'challenge' - I guess that's all we can do when handed these things.
    Seems this has been a tough year for us as well - my hubby decided in Nov. that he didn't need his part-time job (been retired for 15 years) but we didn't realize how much we depended on that extra income for all our little extras we got so easily and with my discs/hips so bad I can't help him in the yard like I want I hear ya about the back issue.

    I'll say a huge prayer that things will work out smoother for the two of you in the days to come.
    And BLAST those darned ole insurance companies. They sit behind a desk and go by the 'books' - not fair is it.

    p.s. very lovely gardens/settings


  5. So sorry to hear about your husband. Please take good care of yourself too. Praying for a speedy recovery for your husband.

  6. I hope your husband recovers soon and Blue is there to keep you company. You are all in my prayers, wishing you the strength you all need to get through these trials.