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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

rickity rackity!

I am almost embarresed at how much rick rack I have collected through my wheelings and dealings. Its like it has a spell on me or something. The other day I got it all out and organized it. In the morning I hope to make an apron and actually use some of it!

not too proud...

My dear hubby is always looking out for me and never too proud to trash pick...bless his heart. The other day he brought home just the ticket! An old wooden doughnut cart, the best thing ever for fabric stash!

I guess I did get a few things done....

After I got used to the idea that the kids were back in school and my play time with them was over I started back quilting. I finished my nephew, Matthew's quilt in red white and blue. He and his Mother are new to America and since Daddy (My little brother) is American even though Matthew was born before they moved here he was born an American. I thought Matthew definitely deserved his own "AMERICAN" quilt.

Then there was Hubby's quilt. His first one, all finished in black and white. He says his quilt has the special power to put him to sleep... he is too cute with his quilt.

Now I am working on my niece's quilt. I gave Layla a sneak peek on facebook and I think she will like it!
Anyhow the good thing is the slump is over and the machines are running again!