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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're havin a heat wave, a tropical heat wave.... DANG!

OK well, its hot enough and dry enough I suppose its maybe time for some rain? I hope the Good Lord has us on his list!  Anyway I have been watering the garden and trying to keep the weeds pulled now that Hubby is doing so much better. We are hoping he can return to work in a few weeks. This staying home and eating beans just ain't how we like to roll!

I have pickles by the bucket load and finally tore the ones out in the garden, them and "their powdery mildew" were just too ugly to look at anymore combined with the scorching of the sun adding to their plight... But the pickles were good, didn't seem to bother them too much.  We still have one vine that runs along side the house, its a different kind and it didn't get the mildew too bad.

The tomatoes seem to be doing just fine but I am afraid they are all going to try and ripen at one time. The elderly lady that I learned gardening from said when the green starts to turn a whitish color they are getting ready to ripen, lots of them look that way to me!

The flowers are holding their own but not doing as well if they would of gotten regular rain intervals. The yard grass is dead but the weedy grass seems to be twice its normal size.

  The other day we went to the Amish fruit market and its out in the middle of the countryside so I took a bucket and small shovel with me and stopped on the road and scooped up some horsie poo and made manure tea out of it for the tomatoes. I think it gave them a boost. The tea does not smell as bad like it does when you side dress the plants with the pure stuff, it usually does not burn the plants up either.

 The japeleanos are small this year and pretty hot but I still managed to make a few jars of jelly with them. My husband likes it with cream cheese and Ritz crackers, me too!  The plants are hanging on but the peppers are slowing way down in production. I keep wanting to pull them out but "he" won't let me...

The beans have taken over the arbor as you can see but some little buggy boo is eating the leaves. I do see some blooms but no beans yet. These are Kentucky Wonder pole beans and they are later producers.  I did can 7 quarts of beans that I bought at the fruit market. I also will be making pickled beets for my son soon. I would like to do some corn, hope its not too high this year.

Well I guess I better close this gate up and go on in the house and scratch up some supper. The husband is layed out in the bed taking a much deserved nap. He was able to mow and trim today but I think he over did it.  Tonight is my ghost hunter shows, I'll be watching the tube after supper with my feet up and swilling down sweet tea!

See Yall later!

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  1. Your garden looks great ! even though it's been bone dry .Yummmy on the pepper jelly .Yep ,I like mine on Ritz with cream cheese also ! Sounds like Chuck is doing much much better. Keeping him and you in prayers. Have a good week !