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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Faux Log Walls in the guest room...

Hello! I have been so busy and still am but have one part of my project done that I wanted to show you. Its our guest room in the front of the upstairs. Loving the primitive and colonial look my husband made me one wall of fake logs. We used pine boards from lows and sheet rock compound for chinking.

 I did the chinking, it was super easy to do then I stained it a little with a glaze to age it somewhat. The colors I used for my room are caramel on the walls and claret red on the woodwork and floor which also got some brown glaze on top of it to give it an older look
I have a feather mattress on this bed and my little Jack Russell loves to snuggle in it. Soon I will cover this with a my square in a square quilt I am making, hopefully before the snow flies.

An old iron bed we bought in NW Indiana at an antique store. I still have to make the bed skirt to match the curtains. A little ladder we found in some junk shop here in town. I still want to add a bonnet plank above the ladder to hang bonnet's and such on.

I love the way the log walls tuned out. We only did the one wall but it was enough for the effect we wanted.

A doll I made setting on top of another garage sale quilt shelf. And one of my tiny quilts I made used as a little doiley I guess. This quilt is called the anvil pattern but you can't tell it very good in the picture.

My little ironing boards and irons all from auctions around town. Some little quilts I made strung here and there.

This is the first faux fireplace mantle my husband ever built, he still has one more to do to his dismay....

This old cupboard was a wreck and found in my Sister's garage so I rescued it and gave it a little paint too. The glass was broke so hubby put in some seeded glass.

Two dollar is all I paid for the old wood tool box and I tried to give it an old painted look, also did the same to the baby shoes. I covered some boxes from Hobby Lobby with some of my quilt fabric and then stained and sanded to make them look aged a little. I should be getting my tarts I ordered in the mail soon, cinnamon bun which I think smell the best!

 I paid one dollar for this at a garage sale and repainted it to match the woodwork.

I saw something like this on Pinterest and hubbs whooped one up for me! Its just an old ham crate with four board legs from a pallet.

. Even though our home is almost 100 years old it needed some character. We still are doing the bathroom and our bedroom so more pictures of my project in two or three weeks. See ya then!