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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Singer 15-91

I bought this machine off of eBay from another seller I know in a town close to where we live. When I bought it I did not know it was a 15-91 and when I found out I was so excited! And it looked good too. I had read on the yahoo groups that it was a great machine and they were selling pretty good too.

I thought I would try free motion quilting on it and well I LOVED IT! I don't even use a foot to do it. I tried one though and it just did not like it.  It takes a strong set of hands but I can quilt a baby quilt in no time with this machine. Nothing fancy just meandering but I love the way it turns out once the quilt is washed.  Here is a picture of it quilting a gift I was making for my great niece.

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