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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Singer 99 is a Singer 66 in a 3/4 size...

Our youngest Grandaughter was a micro preemie. She is still just a little wisp of a girl but big when it comes to the creative processes. She uses a 99 that we gave her for Christmas. Hers is a 1950 ish version with back tacking.  Its just right for her smaller hands. We were very lucky and found one already in a nice cabinet.  Again this machine will tick tick tick along or sew like the wind. We call the 99's the little Pit Bulls of the sewing world. They won't slide off into your lap thats for sure!

One great thing about the 99 is that the attachments are easy to find and again, its so simple to thread and perfect for a little micro preemie!

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