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Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Is Really In The Swing Now!

Getting hotter here in Corn Country!  Lucky my sewing room is in my nice cool basement, almost too cool when the ac is on.  Hoping to sew some this afternoon. Added more fabric to my stash yesterday, I am so bad...

Worse yet we took in four more sewing machines last night from a local auction. They are out in the garage.  Hope to get to them next week when dear hubby is on vacation. We hope to catch up to all the refurb work that has been mounting in the machine room. You will definitely want to keep an eye on paul-mart on eBay (we have a button for him on this page) if you are looking for a vintage machine or sewing items.  We have quite a few needle cases that are real collector items that will be going up soon as soon as I can get the photos done.

Granddaughters are busy with this and that. Our Riley has really been getting into crocheting lately. She has made some ipod bags that really rock. We will be featuring them here soon. Jami and Elizabeth along with Riley are all working on their first applique baby quilts.  Jami is also making herself a dress and Elizabeth is making a fancy bag for herself.  Me, well... we won't talk about all the projects I have going! Not now anyway!

You all have a great 4th of July! It's my daughter in law's birthday and then mine the next day. We are heading to her Mom and Dad's lake cottage for the holiday.  I have to remember to count my points! (I am a WW gal)
                                                  HAPPY BLOGGING!

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