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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Am A Busy Old Lady... fer sure...

I threw another sewing space together and I am working like an Elf to get Thanksgiving bingo prizes done. Plus I am working on my husband's bowtie quilt for Christmas, plus... I am doing machines up for eBay, plus... my sewing gig on Wednesday's with my homies.... whew! I am a busy old lady fer sure... And on top of all this I have been diagnosed with diabetes and have had a recent bout with shingles. Then to top it all off I about took my finger off with my rotary cutter. I bought those cheap blades that everybody was talking about at the "tool place hubby goes." Yeah well forget about those, they are really not what I think cuts good, unless its your finger you want to take off.  Take all that and then add in a few everyday chores  and a stack of medical bills from hubby's tumble from a tree this spring and its no wonder I have shingles.  But fabric makes me happy and when I look it at I forget about all those other things.  Frabric in large doses at least four times a day can really improve your health!
Then last but not least here are a couple of the machines I listed tonight on ebay, check out paulsdomestiques1 and you will find them and a couple of neat old vintage quilt tops.
Pfaff Tiptronic

 Singer 15-91

Blessings to one and all!


  1. Sorry to hear about your health troubles. The blues of that quilt are wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Hope you feel better very soon!

  2. I just read a glowing endorsement for titanium rotary blades. Harder than the steel ones, and lots sharper for lots longer. After your 'accident' you might want to try them instead. I get the crazy busy life. Mine is going the same (without the health problems, thank goodness).

  3. Oh poor dear, you have had so much to endure! Hopefully things will settle down soon. Hello, I am searching google this eve and I found your blog...I must say, I love it! The blue fabric is beautiful! I am your new follower and I hope you'll stop by and become our follower too...I would love having you share your creativitry with our family of friends! Happy Holiday! Hugs