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Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting to Know Gwen, the vintage

A= A stands for apple and my grandbabies are the apples of my eyes.
B= Being on time is way better than being late I think.
C= Candy is my enemy but that does not stop me from lusting after it...
D= Dogs have followed me around my whole life.
E= Even though I don't have a lot of quilting skills I still love quilting.
F= Failure is not something that I take very well.
G= Gwendolyn sounds like the name of a mule with a straw hat on... thanks Dad for naming me that...
H= Hilarity is alright in my book at any given time.
I= I, myself and me are quite comfortable with each other.
J= Just because I dropped the pie does not mean that some of it can't be eaten.
K= Kisses are always good from the one you love.
L=Love makes my world go around, that and fabric.
M=Mamaw is my real name.
N=Nice really does matter if you are trying to get a raise.
O= Oiling your machine really can help your machine sound better...
P= Positive thinking helps me quilt the waves out of my borders.
Q= Q snap frames are way cool and I used to have one before I found out about FMQ...
R= Roses remind me of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
S= Stands for the Singer Sewing Machines in my life, what else could it stand for?
T= Thoughts of rain makes me sleep better.
U= Uneven stitches make me nervous.
V= Vacations in antique towns are the very best medicine.
W= Warm and Natural batting is my favorite, I likes to see them cotton seeds...
X= X Cell Laun Tay.... yeah I said it...
Y= Yall is singular, all Yall is plural for yall..
Z= Zebra fabric is an abomination to cellulite...


  1. Oh, I really love the way you think! :o) And you are very correct on the "y'all"...I'm originally from Louisiana and say "all y'all" all the time! LOL!



  2. These are fun! I love learning more about fellow bloggers! Very inventive!

  3. such a fun way to say a bit about yourself.

  4. A Southern lady, for sure! Ya'll have a great week now.

  5. So cute! I will admit that I do like "zebra fabric" but on pillows as an accent! LOL!!!

    Have a great day!