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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Four More Sewing Machines To Play With...

First an old Singer 66 from about 1914 with Lotus details. I don't care how much age appropriate wear are on the Lotus decals they always look rich...

 Then we have a White 999, I would say 1980's maybe, sews good and not a whole lot different threading from Singers of that time I guess.

Then another Singer, part plastic gears and part metal. Model 5781, great sewing experience. We used on two days of a sewing marathon and it never missed a beat. Easy to thread and simple to use. Not sure but I am thinking mid 70's.

Then there is the Feather Weight's big sister, THE
301A, sews nicely and runs smooth.

Well they are all done now and eBay, Friday brings a few more to do and post.

Blessings. Gwen


  1. Love that 66. She's sweet. I haven't seen a 301 in a color other than black before.

  2. Looks like a fun group of machines to play with! Have fun sewing!

  3. I love that Lotus....and I love the 66/99 machine.So simple to clean and fix up. Thanks for posting about the Singer Model 5781,might have to consider it for a grand daughter...

  4. A woman after my own heart, thank you for sharing. I wil be following this blog.

    Enjoy your weekend.