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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Much Fun "The Singer Sister Sewer Club"

Who knew that three spry gals getting together every Wednesday for their first quilts would be SEW MUCH FUN! We never laughed so hard as we have this rainy Wednesday. We even decided we would like to have a "threader boy." You know sorta like a pool boy only this guy would just thread machines and pop in fresh bobbins for us! lol oh and he would smell really good too!

Last time I introduced you to Marilyn, who had never learned to sew, she's doing great now and is the proud owner of a 201-2 which she much prefers over the sewing room 66's! Her sewing style is to put one foot in front of the other and sew sew SEW! 

Now meet Barb her cousin in law.  Barb had been wanting to start something but she didn't know what. She had a bad experience in high school with a home economy teacher and had never learned much about sewing. She thought she could not EVER make a quilt, well now she knows she can and it is such a blessing to watch her move forward with her quilt.  I am a lucky teacher for sure.

Today they started to see a real quilt top start to take shape and they are getting so excited and so am I. I was able today to place a vintage Singer in the hands of Barb, its in a Bent Wood case and has a little key. It's a  99-13 and she loves it and has named it "Emma" after a grandmother.  She took it home today and is probably still sewing away as I write this.  I just wanna say a big thank you to God who makes all good things possible!
Blessings! Gwen


  1. See the thread in the first picture? Make sure you keep the end with the 'slit' on the top to keep the thread from getting caught. Most times the slit is on the end with the bar code. I learned this years ago from a Singer sewing repairman and it works! It keeps the thread from breaking, or getting caught and spinning the whole spool and causing lot of problems, one being, thread being caught and twisted around behind the hand wheel.

    Looks like you had a blast, and your quilt blocks look great!

  2. I want one in a Bentwood case. How great. Thank goodness for these great old Singers. Sew much fun!

  3. Hello, I'm new to your blog and now following! Looks like you and your "sew sisters" had some fun! I used to sew many years ago and stopped for about 18 years, now I'm getting back into it! My first project is to make some curtains for my kitchen!

    I'm also interested in that "Civil War Quilter" button on your side bar, I'll be checking that out very soon! My husband is a history professor and we both love reading about the Civil War.

    Please stop by when you have a moment, I love company and new friends are always welcome!