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Monday, October 17, 2011

3 More Sewing Machines Listed Tonight

Yep, I am back at work and have listed three more vintage sewing machines on eBay tonight (paulsdomestiques1). A Necchi from the mid 80's, a Singer Fiddle Base (I think its a class 15) and an old electrified New Home treadle. I loved sewing on that New Home this week, I really liked the way the things sounds when its makes its neat little stitiches. The Necchi sews really well and all the functions work on it. I don't think the Necci was used but once or twice. Wish I knew the name of the decals on the old Singer... anybody know?


  1. So interesting to see these machines, I love them.
    I shall look at Ebay.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. I have an old Singer machine in a cupboard somewhere - must look it out. Think they look great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I have ones like the bottom two machines. Great machines.

  4. the decals are GORGEOUS on that fiddlebase. I've never seen that set in the wild. good luck with your auctions!