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Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Star Pupil... Marylynn

Marilyn had never sewn on a sewing machine before. Her Mother didn't sew but her Grandmother did. I met her through my husband who had been doing some work for her.  We became fast friends. She let me in on a little secret, she would give anything to learn to sew. She wants to make a quilt, she wants to make an apron, she wants to make some new curtains and she wants hot pads and tea cozies... She didn't know I had a secret. I scratched around and found her a good old Singer 201- and a cabinet. She got the works too, including a zigzagger and a free motion foot. She is sooooooooooooooooooo happy!   However we have also been sewing at my house and since we can't haul her 201-2 back and forth we have been using some plastic machines that are mobile. What was really cute was that she noticed right away how much better the 201 sounded than the plactic ones, she says it purrs...
 One thing that is so amazing about Marilyn is that she has cataracts on both eyes (she is having surgery soon though). But it has not stopped her. She spent one whole day just learning to make a straight half inch seam, over and over again and she loved every minute of it. I rigged up a magnifying lamp for her to thread her needle on her 201. She has now began piecing her first quilt, a 9 patch pattern. So far we have counted 100 units finished! And another fun note our little group has grown to 4 ladies, all new sewers.  Have a great week!


  1. WHAT Fun! Is there a reason you are using 1/2" seams and not 1/4" seams?

    What a gift you are giving these ladies. I can just hear their excitement!

  2. Yes there is, its easier for her to see righ now, we will go to quarter inch seams when they get past this first quilt. They are easier to rip out if they mess up! lol

  3. Thats fantastic, go for it Marylynn, and the quilt will be beautiful xx
    Sophie xx

  4. I guess the passion can strike at any age! congratulations to both students and teacher

  5. That is awesome! Also, my moms name is MaryLynn! :o

  6. What a great story. I'm so delighted you got Marilyn sewing and found her a vintage machine. Well done.