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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My simple back porch fall decorations...

 I just finished making  a Sweet Annie witches broom, smells ah....well... sweet!

I painted an old wood ironing board to give a nice Harvest greeting so when my husband comes home it gives him a lift, he parks out back.
  I hung a few sunflowers to dry, they aren't very big, the birds will probably think, what was she thinking!
That's all I have out back!  I did harvest a ton of Sweet Annie today though.
Blessings! Gwen


  1. I love all of it! Very creative!

  2. Gwen, I love all of it, I don't think I have heard of sweet Annie before...a herb I'm guessing...does it have another name in England I wonder? I wish I could smell it! The painting in so clever, like I say, I love it all xx

  3. Very clever painting an old ironing board. I like the bittersweet vine with the raven and pumpkin. You did a great job!