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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas & God Bless Us Everyone

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I am so excited because in the morning I will take my grandbabies and myself shopping to spend their gift cards, I got some Joann's cards myself! lol Hubby has been sick as well as son and daughter inlaw. But we ate good anyway. My little Jack Russell Bitsi had her first Christmas with us and she was a real hoot, she loved all of her presents way more than expected and was excited as the kids were! The only thing missing here was SNOW! I would still like a little snow but the sunshine was nice too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

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  1. That doll is beautiful. I used to want antique dolls so much when I was a young girl. I was obsessed. Glad you had a good day yesterday...and spending gift cards sounds like a great plan for today! Have fun.