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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinwheel Throw Top, almost done...

I know... this is one wild colored pinwheel for sure. I was trying to use up some stash I had in fall colors. I think I will border it either in black or brown. The blocks are 12 inches after I squared them up. I started with two ten inch blocks sewn together with good sides together sewing a quarter inch seam all around then criss crossed cut with my rotary cutter and opened out and a pinwheel pattern made. Then I sewed the cuts together matching all the seams, then side by side till I had sewn them all together. 
As you can see my little Jack Bitsi Boo is inspecting my work. DH is holding up and hollering for me to hurry and take the picture because he was ready to colaspe... such a whiner....
Now onward and upward for 2012 finishes, I have a stack to quilt and two others to piece so far.... such fun!
 Happy Sewing in 2012 Everybody!!!!


  1. I love those colors! And the pinwheels!

  2. I love your quilt! It is so rich looking. Happy 2012 to you!

  3. Love the colours - so autumnal. A beautiful quilt.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Love it!! And those coloras are eye catchers. Keep up the fine work. People like you are what get's people like me going; like we believe we can do it!! in Utah

  5. Beautiful! I love the colors in this quilt.