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Thursday, April 19, 2012

tick tick tick... when will it get here? so I clean instead...

When oh when will my frame and new machine arrive... still no tracking info yet... so I decided to clean up my poor sewing room and thought I might take some pictures while it was clean because it rarely ever happens! No matter how hard I try to put things back and keep things in order it never stays that way for very long. Do you have that problem too? Or is it just me!
 I am wearing out my hardwood floor moving my chair around, may have to find something to put underneath of it... hmmm... any suggestions out there?

My Juki is still in my Roberts cabinet (another gift from Paul) but as soon as my Hinty gets here I  will move it to the frame and put my new Singer Quantum in my cabinet. I CAN NOT WAIT! Like I said it will be the first computerized machine I have ever owned or operated! Its a very big deal to this old gal for sure!

 I am a lucky girl, I get gifted a lot of old sewing stuff by some good buddies of mine who are kinda like the "American Picker" guys. The shelf is really a an old sewing cabinet I kinda hung as a shelf, a neat gift from John (my buddy). A thimble shelf full of thimbles from Paul (my buddy) Now if I can just find the right sized book shelf for all my quilting books to put under the old sewing cabinet my toe may begin to heal in the spot where I keep hitting on the wooden crate... do ya think?

My table where I sit and cut blocks and square blocks and dream up blocks... On my cutting table right now I am still squaring up bow tie blocks.

 More machines, can there ever be enough machines? My Serger has not been threaded in so long I may have forgotten how...

Lots of scraps from a gazillion different projects, all will eventually be put to good use, or at least I keep telling myself that.

 I have got two Civil War projects going at one time, the "Nawth" and the South... neither is winning at the moment.

I have been collecting blues for my upstairs
re-do. I am going Americana up there eventually.

Believe it or not there is a rhyme and a reason as to why this stack has this stuff and that stack has that stuff. All in good time.

See the little stool? I stand on that to reach the stuff on the top shelf, that little pillow attached is filled with Sweet Annie, whenever I step on it the smell warfs up and I love it... When I had carpet I would sprinkle on the carpet and then sweep, it was awesome.
Well, eventually my machine and my frame will arrive and I will post about that but for now I have a cleaned up sewing room that I will stay out of for well... a little while anyway!
Blessings Yall! Gwen

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  1. I love seeing your studio! Never heard of Sweet Annie, I'll be googling it soon. How big is the harp on the Juki? I've got a 15-clone on a Pennywinkle frame and would love a longer arm. But it is GREAT not to baste! I put long zippers on the leaders and chainstitch the other half of the zips to the quilt tops and bottoms so I can just zip onto the frame (rather than pinning).