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Monday, August 6, 2012

Do you use a Hinterberg Orginal Quilting Frame?

If you are using a Hinterberg Original quilting frame to long arm quilt  are you using pantographs? If you do use pantographs where are you placing your laser stylus and what kind of laser stylus are you using? I would love to see photos and here from any and all users that are using a Hinterberg original frame. I had purchased the Grace perfect pattern boards and stylus. We had a heck of a time getting the stylus on the Hinterberg! My husband had to build a part to get it to fit! I have searched and searched the web looking for pictures of Hinterberg frames with any kind of stylus on them. I do find a wooden stylus that comes with the stretch frame but do not see anywhere to order one, not even on the Hinty site... I also have purchased the Grace laser stylus and am hoping that I can get it on the carriage some place without having to make the hubs build a special part.


  1. I think I might have the stylus pieces that came with my frame. I don't use them. When I first started using them, I was just learning to machine quilt, and I didn't like that I couldnt' see what the needle/thread was doing. For all I knew, my thread could have run out and I wouldn't know. I prefer free motion quilting. I had one template board from Hinterberg, and I got rid of it. You also need to remember that as the quilt roll gets bigger, your quilting space gets smaller, so you might end up quilting a 5" design, but end up with only 3". When I used a pattern piece, as the roll got bigger, I ended up altering the design.

    I'll check my assembly instructions and see if there is a page I can scan to a pdf and send to you if you are interested.

    1. Thanks so much, my hubby was able to build a part that let it fit on just right. I like using it but its pretty simple as far as designs go. I am more interested in pantographs I think but I will keep it since it cost so much! lol