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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Using Grace Pattern Perfect Stylus with Hinterberg Orig. Frame

Ok, so me hubbs made a piece so I could finally use my Grace pattern perfect. I like it but I want more I guess and am thinking pantographs are gonna be the way to go. I have a laser stylus coming and have ordered one panto to try. Will post when it comes and I get to try it out. But here is the hook up the hubbs made. (ignore the ugly quilt top, its a practice top from an auction)

 the stylus is fastened into a metal piece that he bought at the hardware store. he drilled holes in it and use small short screws to secure it to the wood piece the machine sits directly on. I used a non slip shelf linner to keep the machine from dancing around.

 the white tape under neath is covering some wood blocks that are just sitting under to give the stylus a little more stability.

 this photo shows the bolts with the nuts, be careful that they don't scratch the machine, I have a piece of velcro stuck to my machine in that area just in case.

 I think I have a little goth inside of me somewhere... lol

 my apron keeps me from walking back and forth so much.

 here is a long shot.


  1. Hello, I just wanted to thank you kindly for your lovely comment! It meant so much! your reaction was the kind I thought I would get from all the bloggers. Maybe folks' like you and me are from those times when the world wasn't so turned around. I love you for this and for still believing in morals, manners and just being kind and simple in a world where material things govern people. I don't know how much longer I will be doing this because what I have to say is not what the public wants! I have a home with things, but not like what I see on some blogs, and I don't plan on going out and buying and fixing or changing just to show it... Its crazy!
    Well, I better close but I'll always think about you Ms Gwen! Have a lovely Sunday evening!

  2. The pattern boards are fascinating, I have never seen these before. I also short-arm quilt on a long frame (Pennywinkle). I've made my own pantographs by creating a design and then scanning and printing out multiple copies. Even made my own laser stylus with a cheapo laser pen and some duct tape! But mostly I just wing it, and badly at that.