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Friday, October 19, 2012

Bathroom "bout done."

Pictures of the bath, still a few little things to do.

 Red and caramel blocks painted with Latex paint, stenciled stars then aged with an umber glaze, plus 4 coats of water soluble poly.
 Caramel on the wainscoting, light caramel on the walls with red stenciled stars and then aged with glaze.
Walmart towel  with a sprig of Sweet Annie tucked in, old shelf from an antique mall, it was blue but I added some red paint.

My cabinet that holds all the usual bathroom stuff got a coat of red paint and glaze too. A bucket and some boxes for added storage.

An aged linen curtain and candle in an old cheese box.

Made the shower curtain by hemming some homespun and attaching to a liner, that way I didn't have to make the grommet holes but did have to figure out a little pleating. Red star hooks I  bought on eBay.

And there you have it, I have enough homespun left to make a matching window curtain but I kinda like the linen one, oh yeah I first hung some grunged cheesecloth over the window for some added privacy.

We still need to take the lights off and spray them with a pewter paint and change the sink fixtures and buy more towels in red and brown!


  1. There was the perfect tub, toilet and sink at my ReStore that would be great for that bathroom. RED clawfoot tub, matching sink and toilet, with gold fixtures. Sure wish I could have used them. Love all that RED in there.

  2. Did you paint the floor? If you did what kind of paint did you use and how many coats of polyurethane?