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Friday, October 19, 2012

The end tables on treadle irons.

 Not the best pictures ever but wanted to show you my end tables husband made. He used two old treadle irons, a Singer and a White. Its hard to tell in these photos but the red matches the red in the wall stencils. They will look better when I finally add lamps (still waiting for those to get made.)

I glazed the top and added a couple coats of poly. I think I want hubbs to drill a hole in the corner for the electrical cords.

I was thinking they would have a dry sink look but now I think its more of a buggy seat look.  

So now I am working on the mural in the hall and stairwell and one of these days I will have pictures of that. Once all this painting is done I am going to my sewing room and stay there, yes I am...

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  1. Love your decorating posts. Color is the key to everything, I think and you have done a great job. the end tables are very cute.

    Cheryl Warren