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Monday, April 4, 2011

She thought she was pulling a fast one but she does not know how a Prim Gal do....

Recently I bought a large bag of old quilt blocks here in Indiana. They were in a large taped shut clear bag with a note that said please do not open... I don't like to cause waves and I figured who can you trust but a Gal with old quilt scraps. The front and the back of the bag looked pretty good, nice old blocks and different patterns too.  So you can imagine when I got home I ripped right into that bag. This seller had placed the best on the front and in the back and that's OK but on the inside, carefully hidden and folded was the bulk of the bag... Completely faded and with no trace of color left except some little black dots was the bulk of my purchase. I paid 25 dollars for this bag and was hoping for more than two quilt blocks but what can ya do...  Well I'll tell you what you can do!

So...... today I got out the carefully folded and hidden piece and wondered what if anything I can do with it. First I was thinking sheep because I have a few on the landing that I could add to.. Hmmm then I remembered I had seen a chicken sticking in shelf in one of the prim magazines that I thought I might make and then I remembered, I can't have a real cat so I guess I will make a prim cat.  I looked through all my old patterns and found a cat I liked. I just gotta tell ya, by the time I had finished I used almost all of that old sneaky piece of a quilt! lol  I cut out about 6 different cats and some birds  and a dozen Gingerbread men and a few stars too!  So I guess she really didn't pull such a fast one as she thought. I guess she didn't know what a Prim Gal could do!


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog!! I came for a visit and joined yours too!! I LOVE all you sewing machines!!! *sigh*
    I also love what you did with your "surprise" fabric...wonderful!! I LOVE fabric and have more than a normal person should, but it is a real love of mine and I DO use it!!
    Take care and thanks again for joining!

  2. Thanks for stopping by for a visit at Hob Nobbers and for the "follow". I'm following you too now!

    I love what you did with the material! You are so creative!
    Have a great week!

  3. Thank you Julie and Sandy! I absolutely love visiting other blogs, especially as clever as both yours are. I can spend way too much time visiting! lol but its a great break and so refreshing. I will visit often.
    Best Regards and thanks for following!