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Sunday, April 10, 2011

This morning is glorious!

  We are having the warmest day we have so far this Spring, somewhere in the mid 8o's they predict. Even though I had to get up by myself and go on to church (hubbs works on Sunday's now) it was still a beautiful morning. This is the view in front of my Singer 201-2.  My prim place is in the city although I lived in the countryside of Noble County Indiana for 18 years I have been back in the city for the last 12 and I love it.  We moved back just before the second grandbaby was born. I retired from nursing and choose to stay home and  keep the babies while Mom and Dad worked.

 I am lucky to have a fenced in backyard for my two dogs and a half way decent sized front porch with a swing.  I also have a small back porch that I would like to prim up a little better. So far I have painted the porch floor black but would like to stencil it yet.  I plan on putting in a new garden soon and I will always have a big stand of Sweet Annie, I need my Sweet Annie... lol

  I have a lot of plans for things I would like to do to the house but it always takes longer and cost more than expected, I guess its the same for all of us.  I need to plant a few more flowers in the front yard and add a couple of street trees since I don't think the city is ever going to get around to it. Maybe I will put in some Bradford pears on the city side. 

This week I hope to get my windows washed, I plan on making some new curtains if I can ever find the fabric I need. I want a sage green check and I can find lots of green check but not sage... so the hunt goes on. I hope this week stays sunny, I could really use some sunny days. My brain has had enough of dreary rainy days. Maybe a tulip will bloom, who knows. Happy Easter Season to you all and may the "Prim" be with you...

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  1. Lucky you that you get to watch the grand babies. and lucky them they get you.
    We are in beautiful weather here also. 70's on Monday. The snow is melting quick now.
    enjoy the geat weather.