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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Using up my vintage Quilt Blocks ...

The one on the left is supposed to be from a Civil War era quilt, the pieces had been taken apart from the quilt and even the stitches had been taken out but you could still see the imprint from being in a quilt for over a hundred years! The orange one with the little blocks were from a block lot I bought on ebay, the piecing is rather crooked. The little blue and white one is from an Irish Chain quilt I think. I stuffed it full with Sweet Annie from my garden. I made the mistake of pressing it to my face and taking a deep breath, whooooo! It smells like Vick's Salve almost! lol I have a few more I want to make for the couch and then I want to make some new ones for the old black porch swing before summer hits.  I need to be comfy while swilling down my sweet tea!

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  1. How beautiful that trio is! I love making pillows from rescued quilt pieces!