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Monday, May 7, 2012

Hinty now together and first quilt loaded...

Just a quick report this morning because I am on my way to do scrip at school. My Hinty finally arrived and I am my friend's quilt is loaded and I am about done with the quilting on it (I think).  I had no idea there was about 6 different ways to load a quilt until I started looking around! I wound up buying the original frame instead of the stretch, added 10 foot poles and extension legs. The original came with the handle bars so it worked out better financially with me. I read that I can buy a conversion kit for it should I go with a bigger machine.  My friend's quilt is the first she has ever made, she is giving it to her son and his new wife.


  1. how great for you!
    hope it works out so well.
    that's a very pretty room too!

  2. Good for you! I have this frame and I love it. You will too. I have been 'floating' the quilt to quilt it probably on the last 5 quilts. I love that method the most. I roll the backing on the rear and middle rollers, then pin the top and batting (together) on top of the backing, on the rear roller, and just 'float' the top, rolling it as I go, smoothing it out. It saves time and is so much easier. Enjoy your frame!