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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two flimsies ready to quilt baby!

Looks like I am getting ready for the 4th of July does it not? Actually these are going in my upstairs hallway where an Americana make over is under way.  I think I may need to more yet to fill up the walls up there, running out of red white and blue ideas but I suppose any block would look good in those colors for sure!

I am so ready to quilt these if I can only work them in with all the other stuff that's waiting on me to do... The one on the left is my first paper piece quilt. I doubt I will ever go back to regular piecing but I might make myself learn to applique someday..

Looks like I may want to tea/coffee dye them a little.  I want them to look a little more primitive so I will do that before the quilting begins, I am afraid I would screw up the spray stain technique.

Well anywho, its one hot Thursday here and I gotta go water my corn field, see yall later!


  1. Nice quilts! My downstairs hallway is done in Americana, too.

  2. very pretty, I like the log cabins!

  3. Beautiful quilts! I wish I were as creative a seamstress as you!
    Have a great week!