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Monday, July 16, 2012

My short legged doll, Ms Vetra...

Just a short note to show you my doll  I made recently. She is a short legged girl but I kinda like her. A friend of mine gifted me with a long quilt shelf. I am re-doing the upstairs guest room and want to put it up over the headboard. I would like to make about 6 more dolls to line up on the shelf part. I saw something similar on you know where and I am such a copy cat...:-O

Anyway here she is, named her after my Aunt Vetra who lived in Memphis close to downtown in an old painted lady Victorian. I remember that house so well, it had three floors and I explored every nook and cranny. What is a cranny anyway? lol I made her a bonnet and caught her a chicken to hold, it makes her feel better to hold a chicken....


  1. She's wonderful, I love her!

  2. she seems so comfortable as she sits there.