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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Using Grace Pattern Perfect Stylus with Hinterberg Orig. Frame

Ok, so me hubbs made a piece so I could finally use my Grace pattern perfect. I like it but I want more I guess and am thinking pantographs are gonna be the way to go. I have a laser stylus coming and have ordered one panto to try. Will post when it comes and I get to try it out. But here is the hook up the hubbs made. (ignore the ugly quilt top, its a practice top from an auction)

 the stylus is fastened into a metal piece that he bought at the hardware store. he drilled holes in it and use small short screws to secure it to the wood piece the machine sits directly on. I used a non slip shelf linner to keep the machine from dancing around.

 the white tape under neath is covering some wood blocks that are just sitting under to give the stylus a little more stability.

 this photo shows the bolts with the nuts, be careful that they don't scratch the machine, I have a piece of velcro stuck to my machine in that area just in case.

 I think I have a little goth inside of me somewhere... lol

 my apron keeps me from walking back and forth so much.

 here is a long shot.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Love this...

I found this Juki machine add on youtube and I just thought it was a nice way to show off the Juki. I have a Juki 2000 and I love it. I have sewn on just about every old Singer model there is and some new ones too (love the old Singers) but my Juki I have a relationship with!

Do you use a Hinterberg Orginal Quilting Frame?

If you are using a Hinterberg Original quilting frame to long arm quilt  are you using pantographs? If you do use pantographs where are you placing your laser stylus and what kind of laser stylus are you using? I would love to see photos and here from any and all users that are using a Hinterberg original frame. I had purchased the Grace perfect pattern boards and stylus. We had a heck of a time getting the stylus on the Hinterberg! My husband had to build a part to get it to fit! I have searched and searched the web looking for pictures of Hinterberg frames with any kind of stylus on them. I do find a wooden stylus that comes with the stretch frame but do not see anywhere to order one, not even on the Hinty site... I also have purchased the Grace laser stylus and am hoping that I can get it on the carriage some place without having to make the hubs build a special part.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Self Binding Receiving Blanket..

I found the tutorial on youtube. It is called "the self binding baby quilt (receiving blanket).  It was so easy and it makes great mitered corners. And for a finishing touch you get to use  one of your machine's embroidery stitches that you hardly ever apply to anything, another plus.

 I also had enough fabric to make four matching burp cloth's in the same way. The cream piece is a 30 inch square and the paisley is 40 inch. I just used what was left for the burp cloths, they are kinda oblong but a good size for use.

 Try it, its way easy and its a fun way to make a quick baby shower gift! And have a great Thursday!