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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Better Choices, my theme fo 2011...

public note to myself:   This year I will make better choices.  What I mean to say is I will have control over urges... I will strive not to spend money I don't have. I refuse to make promises and commitments that I won't or can't keep to others or to myself.
 I will watch what I put on my plate, I will strive to not have second helpings of anything. White sugar will become my enemy and fresh vegetables my best friends. I will endeavor to form good habits. I will build more backbone and work on my intestinal fortitude.  I will not only exert control over the plate from which I am eating but also will include the plate on which life dishes out its portions.
  I will set out to do the things I can do, well. I will not feel sorry for myself any more than necessary. I will not wallow in anything... I will be a better wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, teacher, shopper and sewist. I will listen to the inner voice that whispers to me not to do a certain thing and I will praise that voice on a regular basis in my church and in my community.  I will make myself learn more than I ever thought possible. I will pray more and expect more answers. I will realize that I am a micro fish in mammoth pond and that no matter what happens to me the world will and must move on.  I will face the fact that I am 57 and soon will click over to 58 and before you know it I will officially be a senior citizen. Once there I plan on fully taking advantage of everything available to me that is good.  I will do as Saint Paul said, I will think on the things of this life that are beautiful. I will strive to set the best example I can for all those that may notice me. I will finish what I start... now that I have said all of this I shall have a small drink and make a toast to myself.... and I shall do so in my retro apron....

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