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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pin Cushions are awesome...

I love pin cushions. They speak to me. I can't hardly pass an old one by, they call to me. I can always tell when one really sewed and used their pincushion or it just came in a sewing kit they picked up or were gifted and they never really used it.

I made this one using an old zinc lid and some grunge soaked cheese cloth draped over my pin cushion I formed from stuffing and covered in muslin then I used wire to make the separations and glued the whole thing down into the zinc lid and added the grungy tag.

This is an ancestor of mine from the civil war. I was selling some old civil war era bone buttons (pantie waist buttons) and used a card to attract buyers. I sold a lot of these to people into primitive crafts.

(some grunged fabric drying)
 Sometimes when I am in my grunging mood (I love primitive decor and textiles) I will whip up a few. I used to sell tons of stuff on eBay, maybe some of you who collect old stuff purchased something from us. We sold under the name of papnap. We sold tons of antique and vintage buttons, sewing notions and things I made from time to time.  Because I looked for these kinds of things whenever we were out picking or hunting my love for pin cushions grew. I have found some unusual things stuck in old pin cushions, fish hooks, thumb tacks, hair pins. I have found things pinned to them with old black safety pins, like religious medals, hair ribbons and even 4H ribbons.  Next time you find an old one in an auction box or at an antique mall really look at it. Think about yours, is it special to you? If not make it so, add a bit of you to it. Find the best looking old pins you can with glass heads and add a few or whatever reflects you! Now get busy and create!

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  1. I feel the same about pincushions!! They seem to just follow we where ever I go and I just have to buy or make them!!!! Great post.