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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anvil Little Quilt Top... Sat. Sewing...

Another little quilt top pieced together this afternoon.  This is the anvil pattern, I guess like a blacksmith used. My gg grandfather was a blacksmith, Christopher Columbus Irvin. What a name! Maybe I should dedicate this little quilt to him on the back somewhere.  I will probably bind it with the fabric that made the anvils. I will post the tops as I get them quilted.

As I write this hubbs is painting my hallway up the stairwell white. I hope to display all 21 quilts on the white walls  ( if I get them all done!). My husband collects old sewing buttons and I suppose a few of those will find their way on the walls too.

 The little blocks were easier to do than the Sugar Bowl quilt.  As I said before all the little quilts are coming from this book.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend! Blessings Y'all!