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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our House Was Built In 1921...

So... our house was built in 1921 and for some reason they took the wall out that separated the living room from a front bedroom... wish they would have left it alone. All it did was make a bowling alley living room with one end more narrow than the other, so you never knew what to put there. Well, I came up with a solution, my sewing room!

 My DH is such a good guy when I bring him a project. He came up with the idea of making a wall that we could take down if we wanted and it worked perfectly, a huge piece of blue Styrofoam board from Lowes and covered it with an olive green fabric on the side that faces the living room and I just used fabric pieces to cover the side that faces the sewing room. We will add some trim to it later this week.

 But anyway I finally have a sewing room that I can not see from my living room and I am so happy because sometimes I am a messy quilter. 
Here shows two of the machines I use mainly, but there is a Janome and a Singer 319W that I use as well. My board that you see in this photo is an old barn window screen that I found on top of my friend's wagon to go to the dump.  I covered it in batting and a gray calico. 

The black Singer is my 15-91 and what I did piecing and free motion quilting on before I got my Juki. Now I just use it to piece and regular sewing but it still cuts a mean free motion design if needed. 
 I love these plastic shelves, they are deep and wide. Another great contribution from the hubbs who found them in the trash.. I don't have a lot of stash yet but I am working on it! I have finally found a use for my Longaberger baskets (which I don't buy anymore).
 I covered the Styrofoam board with whatever big pieces of fabrics I could find and then pinned some "stuff" on them. The louvered doors open to a closet for coats. You can't see if very well in this photo but on top of the door molding is a wooden sign that says "sewing."

My little table is what I use to press on and underneath the pressing board are my cutting mats... which tells you  I cut on that table too.
I love old orphan blocks and have a ton of them to put on the board yet for a little inspiration (not saying I have the skills to make many of them... :-/
 My Juki from DH and my cabinet from an auction friend who is really good to me when it comes to sewing stuff. I have sold stuff for him on Ebay for about 6 years now, he let me pick one for my machine that we had in storage and I love it, it has an electric lift. It worked out great for my machine but I hope someday to have it on a frame.
Another goodie from another auction buddy, he brings me stuff from time to time to sell for him as well as cool sewing stuff for me. This really is supposed to sit on the floor but I thought it looked cool on the wall. I covered the backside of it with homespun and put my quilting thread on it and some of my rulers.

Well hope you enjoyed looking at my sewing room, now I should go sew huh!~


  1. Great Job on your new sewing room! You have some nice friends...They really helped to put your room together. I love your vintage sewing machine too. Wishing you a pleasant evening...happy sewing!

  2. What an awesome idea! I can't think of anything better to use that dead space than for a sewing room. I love how you have it all arranged and your use of fabric and baskets. Looks great, girl!

  3. How nice to have a sewing room. My stuff is scattered all over the house and gets moved frequently, which means I lose lots of stuff for long periods of time. One of these days....

  4. Your wall is a great idea. I like seeing sewing rooms. I stash ideas in my mind for a future sewing room. You even have a window to watch out while sewing. I drag my machine to the kitchen dining room & living room. Even the gazebo in the summer. Baskets statshed here & there with sewing projects. I am so glad you visted & left a chat. Blessings!