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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mine Mine Mine My Design..

I finally ventured out and just did one with out trying to copy somebody else's work. I have to say of all the little quilts I have made so far I kinda like mine the best. I think its the fabric I used and the colors. This is sooooo adictive! Pretty soon I won't have much stash left if I keep this up and I have big quilts to make! YIKES!


  1. I love them they look beautiful in your home.

  2. I love your design and love the colors too! Your display above the mantel is wonderfully prim!! Love the little quilt pieces hanging on the wall, the crocks, the old books... I just love it all! =]

    Have a wonderful week~

  3. just wonderfull! I love your mantel and wall! Wonderful color combination!