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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

$1.50 a yard Prim Gal Curtains.... I am cheap, why not be cheap when Walmart has $1.50 a yard sage green, prim checked fabric that you can throw in your cart while grabbing your groceries...?  If you can make a header you can make curtains.  All I did was measure my windows and cutting the fabric is a breeze when its checks, just follow the line. I hemmed the sides first and then the bottom hems and lastly made the headers. For those of you who don't know what a header is its the part that your rod goes in and that little part that sticks up above the rod and ruffles a little. It looks much better when you make a header that just having a plain rod pocket, it gives the curtain a little more something something.  I know a lot of people would say these belong in the kitchen but for those that love the Prim look they are just fine in the living room.  The topper is just a shorter version of the bottom curtain, its just tied up with some of the fabric I cut into strips, sew easy!   I chose sage green because it helped bring down the tone of my living room walls which is a mocha glazed pumpkin spice sorta deal.  So since you go into my dinning room straight through my living room I brought the sage color of these curtains onto the dinning room walls (which were previously pumpkin). It seemed to help my soul a lot when I changed that color in the dinning room. You can see the new color in my previous post.  I plan on making curtains for the dinning room as well and they will have the mocha glazed pumpkin spice color deal in them, also a cheap fabric from Joann's this time... That fabric is not a small check but a homespun fabric.  I used tension rods for the bottoms and they just snap in between your window woodwork, I love tension rods. You can get them really cheap at your Dollar General store, like I said I am cheap!  The toppers are on some fancy rods left over from my Victorian era... lol
Stay tuned because we are starting the stairwell where I plan to repaint my wood steps, use some stained glass window film instead of curtains and the walls are getting painted white. We are going for a stark gallery look because the Hubs wants somewhere to display his ever growing button collection. He plans on displaying some of them in old printer drawers, maybe I will display a few quilt blocks as well that I framed. Here are a couple more pictures.  Happy Prim!


  1. I Love the did a great job....I think the price was right...wonderful

  2. lindeelou
    Thanks for your kind comments! Bloggers love all the encouragement they can get!

  3. Nice, really dresses up your window. Now I feel the need to do something like this as well.

  4. Love it and so glad you found the check you were looking for. Great job.

  5. Yarndiva,
    You sound like me, I am always such a copy cat but in the copying I find I change this or that and try to make it mine. I don't work outside my home so my budget is small and a 1.50 a yard sure sounds good to me but make sure you wash your fabric and press it first because cheap fabrics usually shrink like mad but I have made retro aprons out of cheap fabrics that I have not washed and they never shrank a bit... go figure! lol Thanks so much for all your comments, they make my heart beat fast!

  6. Your curtains are so pretty. I bet it makes you feel so good to have brand new.........hand sewn curtains. Very nice.