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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am crying in my beer... I want my reading list back...:-/

It has been looking stormy here for the last two days and I wanted to read my reading list on my dashboard for the last two days... But its gone gone gone. I have reported the issue but nobody cares because I don't see anything about anyone working on it. I know I have no right to complain since blogspot is free and its fun but gee whiz I miss reading about what's going on on the blogs I follow... so sad. I check 3 or 4 times a day and mine have not reappeared at all like some say theirs have. I just wish they would post a response about what is happening.


  1. have you tried shuting down your computer completely and rebooting? I have never lost it for days. But when I did lose it this helped.

  2. I have done everything but stand on my head! lol but thanks for the input. Is there an email to contact blogspot besides just posting on a board?