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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reading List Returns! OH JOY OF JOYS !!!

Well I am so excited! My reading list just returned and I have spent over a half hour looking at all my blogs I love to read! So now that I am in a better mood I will share my curtain pictures from my dinning room. The fabric is from Joann's, it's homespun and I had a 40% coupon so they were not expensive at all. I have painted the walls a sage green with a mocha glaze and then stenciled. My living room is a mocha glazed pumpkin spice and the dinning room was too and it was just too much orange if ya know what I mean, so I broke it up and its much more pleasing now. I brought that pumpkin color back into the room with the curtains and made sage green ones for the living room. Much better... so here they are.


  1. glad you got your list back. Love your curtains.
    good buy on the the fabric.

  2. The headers make curtains look crisper, good job well done.

    Now, I NEED to see a picture of your welsh dresser that you keep the Jadeite it, all of it, not just the top although that is beautiful and I have turned the same color as your Jadeite from sheer envy.

    will you share its story?