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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From Eclectic Victorian To Primitive

Even though I had a weird virus this last week I managed to finally get the dinning room painted and stenciled. We transferred some stencil designs from a book called "Early American Wall Stencils In Color" and the Hubbs used his trusty stencil cutter and cut them out. Supposedly they came from a home from the American Revolutionary period. I really love the way they make me feel... Our faux fireplace which the Hubbs also built was a Victorian cream semi-gloss. I painted over that with a satin black only adding the one coat, I was careful to do the brush strokes all the same way to make them kinda resemble wood grain. Once that dried I brushed on a moccha glaze from Lowes.  That took a while to dry and it really looked cheesy but once I used a sanding block it really started to look old and weathered.  I tiled the inside with stick on floor tiles that looked like an earthtone block.  Stuck my little heater stove back in and it almost feels real! lol
I am a big fan of President James K. Polk and can trace him to be my 11th cousin (not sure how to say all that "removed" stuff.  The flags were grunged and smell good enough to eat. The old crockery was picked up at tag sales and the sheep I  bought on eBay from a very talented prim artist. The pin cushion I made on an embroidery machine we had in for a little while, just when I decided I would buy it myself it sold on eBay, I loved that machine... 
The walls were painted  sage green with the moccha glaze applied before I stenciled. I just used the acrilyc paint that comes in the little bottles for the stencils. I think it turned out pretty good myself but I guess you gotta love prim... and I do! Here are a few more pictures of the room.


  1. It looks wonderful and has a feel that I can "feel" just from the pics ! I know you must be feeling very "in" your element . Just wondering if you have your bonnet and apron on ...I am sure you donned your corset already ;D I will have to come by and visit with you and oohhhh and awwww over all your beautiful decorating . You and hubbs have an awesome mix of talent between the 2 of you ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Oh I really like it! It looks wonderful job well done.

  3. Thank you Roxanne, you are a sweet friend, I know you have some great skills too! I have my apron on by the way! lol

    Thank you Cathy! Glad you like at, thats a real nice bit of encouragement coming from another prim Gal!