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Thursday, December 9, 2010

How many sewing machines do you have? they asked....

What machines do I have in the house or within reach you say.... hmmm?

Singer 99 hand crank in a Bentwood case, fun to use for kids (I bought at Countryside Antique Mall on US30

Singer 99-13 in a Bentwood Case (on loan to Ri & Jami for their projects when they can't get to Mamaw's...)ebay purchase

Singer 99 w/ back tack in full cabinet (belongs to Jami, Christmas present 2009)ebay purchase

Singer 66 Red Head in treadle cabinet (fun to use on the porch on hot summer days)bought in Angola from an ebay seller I know Corkyfish This is the machine at the top right of this post, in the drawer was a Swed. Zigzgger complete with case, sewing collectors... you know what thats worth!

Singer 66 Red Head electrified (a work in progress by dear hubby) bought at Calhoun Emp Antique Mall Fort Wayne

A Singer 66 with Lotus Decals i bought on eBay, a work in progress... I think the Lotus decals are the prettiest ones Singer came up with... you see that one at the top right of this posting.

Singer 66-16 without case or cabinet for kids friends to sew

3 Singer 66-16's in full cabinets (our sewing room, 1 mine 1 Ri 1 Eby's Christmas 2009, I want to replace them all with 15-91 for FM skill advancement!) One from Ebay, one from St Vincents DePaul and One was a gift from an ebay customer!

Singer 15-91 in full cabinet (in my Sunny kitchen sewing spot) use sml quilts & general sew quilt pc bought from Corkyfish in Angola- I bought sight unseen and its gorgeous!)

Singer 31-15 in Industrial Table w/ industrial motor (in my dr for FM of large quilts) At Auction in Rome City Indiana from an old Catholic Mission-Nuns used  I have collected all the feet that go with this machine and also purchased a Jukki Industrial free motion foot for it... wowsa!

White Treadle in cabinet (pretty with a coffin top, rarely used)  all attachments, shuttles and long bobbins, needles I could ever use fill the drawers plus a new old stock belt...Shinaberry Auction House for 40$

White embossed Rotary head only (sits on top of layer's cabinet for display) bought in New Haven off of Craiglist

White Treadle head VS #1 (sits on shelf in built in w/ prims display only)

Singer 500A Rocketeer (in upstairs bedroom for sleepy time sewing escapades) bought on Craiglist for 30 dollars, machine cabinet and attachments and it was right around the corner from my house!

Singer from the 90's white plastic everything.. My machine from the past...

Janome (bought new for Ri's 10th birthday)

Jamone (bought new for Jami's 10th birthday)

1952 White brand 15 clone( belongs to EBy, her 1st machine) looks like a 57 Ch

Necchi BU in beautiful condition but I have not got to sew on it yet! lol

Elna (not sure which model) have not tried it yet, I bought it at an auction

Retro Brother that is pink and brown, have not had a chance to try it yet but will!

Probably at least 25 in the work room, most Singer but some others as well, Necchi, Pfaff, 15 clones and the like, for resale on ebay hubby is working on those.

Probably at least 10 in the little barn- part machines mostly Singer

Probably at least 10 or 12 in the Garage waiting for a check up... one really nice Singer Treadle complete with great Spinx decals. A great 201-2 and others... and a St Lewis Blind Stitch machine... lol


  1. Nine list of sewing machines.
    My stock answer to this question is "More than ten" while smiling sweetly.
    I started to count the machines in the house, garage and storage and reached a number that surprised me. I stopped counting. 8-)

  2. Hi!
    I have just fix my grandmathers 66k and I see you have one exactly like mine ;)
    I am looking for groups to share info about vintage sewing machines and vintage cloth...
    María de Ayana