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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I love it...I love it not...I love it?

I am the proud owner of a Singer 500A with the flame knob... I have just about every attachment there is for it including the coveted "Big Foot" free motion foot and even a monogrammer.  However... hmmm... well... I just can't warm up to her for some reason. Is it the color? Maybe... Is it the fact that it sounds so different from my Singer 15-91? Maybe... Is it the cabinet its in? I just know yall! It sews a pretty stitch, it does a lot of fancy stitches, its easy to thread, easy to operate and it looks like its a cousin to a spaceship from the 50's so that makes it cool... right?  This one has really got me weireded out. I just don't feel like the same woman when I am using it. I feel so different in my heart and mind when my machine is black with gold lettering and you can make it sound like a rain stick when you are pedaling along. I am a black Singer freak I guess with a black bobbin fettish... I'm just sayin...
I this lady is trying to hide her true feelings...

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