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Friday, December 3, 2010

While I was racking up 1.99 patterns at Hancock...

I got another bright idea... I was making aprons for a reason, to keep from screwing up my clothes while cleaning up vintage sewing machines to list on the bay... but I don't always want to have an apron hanging around my neck ... then in the pattern book I saw it, THE most cutest scrub top. I am a retired nurse and I know how comfortable they can be! Why not make some of these too for my work? I can use sewing theme fabric and it will be like "I am all that" whilst working down in the sewing catacombs of the basement! Yeah, that's the ticket! So...I found this cute fabric and soon I will be looking like a real pro, the dog will be sooooo impressed! as will the FedEx guy...
 check out the vintage price on the bias tape! lol

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