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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shop or sew? that is the question...

Today I did not really know if I wanted to shop or sew, shopping won out for awhile. I went to Joann's but didn't find much. Was disapointed to find out that most of their apron patterns stop at about size 22... I gues they think larger women don't need aprons? hmmm...  So now I am back home and looking for some old apron patterns I had years ago that I never made.  I did get some fabric last night when I made a run to Walmart. Usually I don't buy the dollar a yard stuff but they had some decent stuff so I bought a few yards for aprons.

What is it about aprons anyway? Why now? I mean we live in a time when about any style goes. Is it because we are searching for yesterday? Is that why I like antiques and primitives and candle tarts that smell like Mother is alive and well and baking in my kitchen... Did my Mother feel this way, way back when? hmmm...

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